Recently, a woman named Molly came in to Allan's with one goal in mind:  to become the second to defeat the Allan's Diablo Burrito Challenge and eat the Diablo Burrito in under 10 minutes, beating the first to do it, the "Spicochist" Aaron Wakamatsu.

This man, Aaron Wakamatsu, with incredible determination and focus, was the first to succeed in the challenge, cleaning the plate in 8 minutes and 20 seconds!

The "Spicochist" set the standards very high with a blazing (pun intended) fast time, but Molly Schuyler took it down in a unbelievable 3 min 23.8 seconds!

We decided to make things a little more interesting here at Allan's.  If you succeed in defeating the Diablo Burrito Challenge in a time faster than the current record, you will win free burritos for up to one year!  That's right, one free regular burrito for dine in, per day, for 365 days.  HOWEVER, if someone else comes in and defeats the Diablo Burrito in an even FASTER time, then you are dethroned of your privilege, and immediately, the new reigning champ begins his/her 365-day reign of the Free-Burrito-Kingdom. Questions? Give us a call!

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Honorable Elite Who Finished After 10 minutes:
Brooke P: 17:54
Dan L: 15.30
Tim T: 10:58

Honorable Mention:
Suzanne K: "Best First Half"

Current Record: 3 min 23.8 sec
Molly Schuyler!


Univision Visits
The Home of the Diablo

Recently five brave people came to challenge the DIABLO BURRITO at Allan's Authentic Mexican Restaurant.
This time, the DIABLO won.
Thanks again to Sandra and Mauricio, for coming in and filming this video which aired on Univision, Mundo Fox, and Telemundo.
We thank all of our participants, Peter, Maria, Gildardo, Timmy, and Nick for coming.


What is the Diablo Burrito Challenge?

We have to offer you the Diablo Burrito, a delicious, extremely hot challenge of which takes you on a scuba dive into a volcano, after walking on hot coals to get there, the day after you went camping in a forest fire.

It is filled with a deliciously devilish seasoned myriad of the hottest peppers on the planet, steak, beans, rice, and topped in our salsa.

Diablo means "Devil" in spanish, and rightly so, the Diablo burrito is served with horns.
The rules are simple.
As tradition, begin by taking the "Devil by the horns" and sinking your teeth into the pepper horns as a means of accepting the challenge (of course, after signing our waiver).
You then get 10 minutes to finish the entirety of the plate's contents.
You can only drink water.

Finish in 10 minutes and you will be a legendary "Survivor" and receive one of our honorable shirts. If you don't finish in time, you still are among the few super elite and famous.